I grew up in New York City, first near the Bronx Zoo through which I was often wheeled in a stroller and occasionally let loose, and then in Queens near the confluence of two great rivers, the Cross Island and Long Island Expressways. .

After a 25 year career in academia, I have been engaged in several social entrepreneurship initiatives around alternative energy and food-access issues. I have always been a writer, tackling issues ranging from creativity to social justice, from history and literature to education, technology, and leadership.

One of my books, The Hothouse Effect, reveals the secrets behind history’s most creative communities. Other published work includes poetry; numerous articles in academic and professional journals; a regular newspaper column “A Futurist View”; a monograph for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence; and blogs at and the

My play, Inquiry in Florence, was recently performed at The Schoolhouse Theater in Westchester, NY. I’m finishing up a novel, The Courier, that explores themes of violence, criminality, and bewilderment in the current global environment, and also have recently completed a collection of short stories.

This web site will continue to evolve or, if you don’t believe in evolution, it will be guided by intelligent design although the design will be mine and my webmaster’s rather than that of any deity unless there is something the webmaster hasn’t told me yet.