One Believed

I broke down for you, Kassandra
too saddened by your words
and prophetic tears
while all around me the city burned
you danced all night above the harbor
I am not a man easily persuaded
but I was
in the bloodthirsty rain of unhinged song
you chose not to believe your curse betrayed

the blindfolded lady who hears voices by the rocks
receives my questions
“only a woman can be a teacher in love”
she laughs
“even socrates, old blowhard, knew that”
and she turns silent
is she a woman?
a wave crashes and she disappears

the world is made of spirals
but whether they open in or out
no one tells
but you had the word, Kassandra
with the enigmatic answer
you said you’d speak
no more in riddles
now you dance with your brothers
and sleep with falling stars
in the blood-drenched east
they have made you their night-wandering queen

there’s a priest I visit
who lives in a boathouse
full of tales of sailors
he’s buried and known
we laugh when we’re drunk
and roar by the water
praising women and wine
by the light of the moon.

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