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Read an excerpt from The Courier, a novel of international violence, esoteric hallucinations, and a cast of dozens.

The brown spatula of earth ascended like a fly-swatter targeting the underbelly of the buzzing, lurching plane. The pilot’s breath, from the moment Loomis entered the aged Let L-410 Turbolet, had dispersed its sour odor of truly bad vodka with the vigor of a Times Square cigarette-puffing billboard. The L-410 withstood the earth’s sharp smack and bounced, tossing Loomis around the stripped down cabin, his irritation spiking with every painful collision. Read More….

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  • Wild Plum Skins You are wild plum skins burning in southern heats You are golden cups of sun bowing shy hot trees Loved and pruned by dew-rouged maidens of the Rhone You are the clarinet in the pagan glade, the tambour in my heart You are the celebration sung by the grandparents before they die Midst fat babes and trellises raised by earth-magic hands You are the mystic limbs whose caress tamed the packs of yellow dogs You are the woman who wept at the emerald view of Toledo Because you could not descend from its skies You are the rhythm of phosphor wavelets beckoning in the Caribbean night The recumbent lightning of electric air, its silver hauntings You are my still water, the scarlet shadows in my mist.
  • Winter Ode the brightness of winter’s powder removes the coarseness of withered grass and leaves chill banishes all staleness from the air stars glitter while planet stalking moon reproves limits of an incomplete science and grieves for older cast-off arguments concerning it and mystic gods that once inhabited there told by antique weavings startling knit and fleeing maids, tears, mortal despair. nightly a sparse coyote band howls plotting with staggered chorus to convince instinct-sensed ghosts of primeval enemies that those banshee sounds origin from bowels of a larger pack than eyes might evidence the ear is easily fooled, the dark, the distant especially among the windy trees whose boughs can snap in an instant bringing life’s roil to sudden freeze. mind like gaze skips on the surface of all bright with sparkling enchants claws to reach what it cannot have that absent form the form it worships with longing prayer and frenzied dance echo a lost epoch’s forgotten dream anodyne of erasing salve sweeter than water from ...
  • One Believed I broke down for you, Kassandra too saddened by your words and prophetic tears while all around me the city burned you danced all night above the harbor I am not a man easily persuaded but I was in the bloodthirsty rain of unhinged song you chose not to believe your curse betrayed the blindfolded lady who hears voices by the rocks receives my questions “only a woman can be a teacher in love” she laughs “even socrates, old blowhard, knew that” and she turns silent is she a woman? a wave crashes and she disappears the world is made of spirals but whether they open in or out no one tells but you had the word, Kassandra with the enigmatic answer you said you’d speak no more in riddles now you dance with your brothers and sleep with falling stars in the blood-drenched east they have made you their night-wandering queen there’s a priest I visit who lives in a boathouse full of tales of sailors he’s buried and known we ...
  • Ground Zero In these empty streets Fear adopts familiar forms But why the terror at a lover’s shadow on the wall? In shallow pools of yellow light Blind night things swarm We are told they will feed On our remains But you say They are our remains. These streets are the plan of the city And in the city is reflected Our minds’ own plan Within which we familiarly wander Tonight, however, we taste the charcoal sky Impress the plaster and concrete With its blasted stain. How can it be said? Today the telephone rang I went to answer it Expecting it was you But someone removed the receiver Inside my head I reeled along a string of words That ended in a pool of congealed letters On the floor I thrashed there Like some saber-tooth upon whom it dawns That nothing he knows Is of use in the tarry pit.