The Insidious, Clueless, Cynical Defense of Data Surveillance

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It may be simplistic to accuse President Obama, the NSA, a collaborative Congress, and the government as a whole of seeking police state powers via the recently revealed surveillance of millions of phone customers and Internet users. After all, none of us have been dragged out of our beds and arrested because we were overheard complaining that Obama hasn’t been any better than Bush when it comes to civil liberties. […]

The Vaudevillian Rhetoric of Friedman and Brooks

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The Vaudevillian Rhetoric of Friedman and Brooks Posted: 06/12/2013 4:26 pm at New York Times columnists David Brooks and Thomas Friedman’s columns highly critical of whistleblower Edward Snowden share the same deceptive rhetorical tricks intended to muddle our understanding of the issues involved. (See Brooks and Friedman here). Friedman begins by proclaiming how glad he is to live in a country where people are “vigilant in defending civil liberties.” In effect, he’s providing assurance that […]

Proud to be an American: We Won't Torture Edward Snowden!

  • 0 at Published: Monday 29 July 2013 Never have I been prouder to be an American, a citizen of the country that virtually invented freedom of speech, press, and the sanctity of one’s home. Eric Holder, our erstwhile Attorney General, has assured Russia that if Edward Snowden returns to the U.S., he won’t be given the death penalty or be tortured! I am sure our Great Leader, The Rising […]

Time to Get Serious

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hello out there have you thought about: the oceans are all dying the economy’s in the tank wars start with the government lying and generals and arms dealers to thank. the air gives our kids asthma the weather’s gone beserk there’s toxins in our plasma and millions out of work. supergerms collect in pools behind every hospital door there’s no money for our schools still the army cries for more. the cities will be flooded […]

Support Deportee Reprieve and Banished Veterans

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I first published this article in the Huffington Post three years ago ( I am re-posting it because the new immigration bill before Congress offers a “deportee reprieve” that would allow some deported, formerly illegal, immigrants to return to the United States While opponents of the reprieve try to strip it from the immigration bill, it is so important the reprieve become law. If you doubt this, read the following […]

BU Level-4 Biolab Update

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On April 11, attorneys representing opponents of Boston University’s (BU) Level IV Biolab (highest level pathogens), which has been built in the middle of Boston’s populous South End, argued against the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) risk assessment of the lab (Allen v. NIH). BU has long argued that the intensive review, redundancies, security-based simulations, construction, and security protocols make the lab virtually error- and terror-proof. Opponents have responded by pointing to […]

Activist Energizing Important Offputting Updates—AEIOU—4/26/2013

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Over 300 dead in Bangladesh factory collapse. Cracks had been found in the Rana Plaza building on Tuesday, but on Wednesday, workers were forced to go into the factory to work. Last November 24th, the Tazreen factory fire killed 112 Bangladeshis. Wal-mart, which sells many products produced there, refuses to compensate victims’ families, unlike European brands C&A, KiK, and El Corte Inglés which just committed 5.7 million dollars to the fund. […]

A Level-4 Biolab Grows in Boston: Pathogens Welcome

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Boston’s populous South End will soon be welcoming a host of new residents: ebola, anthrax, smallpox, bubonic plague, and various “recombinant” viruses and bacteria, courtesy of a new federal Level 4 BioSafety Lab (BSL-4) run by Boston University and the National Institute of Health. BSL-4s are devoted to researching, storing, and cultivating the most toxic biological substances on earth. Needless to say, Boston’s residents have misgivings about their new neighbors. […]

Summer Student Loan Agreement: Not Much Help There

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This post was co-authored with Ron Miller, FSS Full disclosure: Neither author nor any member of their families has any outstanding student loan debt. Kunstler’s $5,000.00 loan incurred during grad school in the 1980s was fully repaid some 25 years ago. It’s that magical season when the thoughts of returning college students and their parents turn to tuition. Given the size of student loans, those thoughts are apt to linger long […]

In the Footsteps of Ancient Rome: Does the U.S. Have a Chance?

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Congressional impotence, as evidenced in regard to the fiscal cliff and the news that 2012 was Congress’s least productive session in 70 years, is symptomatic of a deeper inability of our body politic to attend to our political and economic system. Yet we Americans cling to the desperate hope that we are somehow immune to history’s cycles and the fierce declines to which all institutional powers, empires included, have fallen […]