Communications Coaching

Persuasion Tip

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When designing a message, focus not on what you want or even on what your audience expects, but rather, focus on what you want your audience to do as a result of your message. This applies to writing or presentations. In other words, you don’t just want your audience to “be convinced”, “enjoy the presentation” or “learn about the product”. Visualize what you want them to actually do: fill out […]

Writing Tip

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Think about secondary or unintended readers when you send out an e-mail or even a hard-copy memo. Who else might see your communication? Just because something you’ve written is not offensive to your intended reader, it doesn’t mean it will be harmless if forwarded to an entire department. Be aware of these secondary readers when shaping an argument or polishing your language.

Presentation Tip

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If presentations are important in your work, you need to optimize your physical presence in front of a group. The Writing Manual has an extensive section on eye contact, use of arms and hands, stance, etc. Here’s one tip: to energize your eye contact with a group, shift contact from a person in one part of the room to another. For example: rear left – front right – center middle […]